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Fundamentals of Research/Chinese 研究基础第一部分 (中文, Jan 2021) is a Course

Fundamentals of Research/Chinese 研究基础第一部分 (中文, Jan 2021)

Started Jan 4, 2021
1 credit

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Full course description

参与者将系统学习人类相关科学研究所需的概念和技能。 通过道德伦理规范准则培训 及理解国际IRB机构,参与者将得到文献检索,提出和规划研究问题和选择合适的研究方法的基本训练。

Participants will learn the basic concepts and techniques that are essential to launching a research study. Subjects covered include research ethics, international Institutional Review Board resources, drafting a research question, conducting literature reviews and choosing an appropriate research methodology. Graduates of this course will develop the practical skills that will start them on the path towards becoming independent investigators.

Competency Alignment

Team Building, Accountability, Research and Measurement, Decisiveness, Leveraging Diversity, Partnering, Flexibility/Agility, Envisioning


Elizabeth Zhong
博士, 教学硕士
PhD, Med