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High-Performing Teams (Part 2) is a Course

High-Performing Teams (Part 2)

Starts Jul 6, 2020
0.5 credits

Spots remaining: 3


Full course description

High-Performing Teams provides essential information for both the novice and the expert interested in becoming more competent in the participation and management of teams. The basic components and principles for teamwork are presented as the foundation for the course. Five stages of team development, strategies to optimize team performance and address obstacles, metrics to measure performance, application using the dynamic cybernetic team adaptation model and examples of regulatory team performance using the course content are presented.  

Participants will perform a personal assessment of team behaviors and an assessment of an existing team. They will also create a checklist for facilitating future team meetings.

Competency Alignment

This course aligns with the following ICRS competencies:

Interpersonal, Strategic Thinking, Oral Communication, Team Building, Conflict Management, Decisiveness, Accountability, Envisioning, Leveraging Diversity, Partnering, Flexibility/Agility

Kathy Malloch, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

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