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Poster for Cracking the Code to Nursing Education Program Approval: The Evidence Cracking the Code to Nursing Education Program Approval: The Evidence is a Course

Cracking the Code to Nursing Education Program Approval: The Evidence

Started May 31, 2022
1 credit

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Full course description

Dr. Nancy Spector will guide you through the 2-pronged licensure model in nursing, where program approval is pivotal to licensure. Program approval will be compared with national nursing accreditation. The course will employ recorded interviews with a seasoned education consultant about making approval decisions, and a nursing education expert for developing a comprehensive program evaluation. Participants will plan and develop a self-study of a nursing program with which they are familiar. This can either be a group project or an individual project, and will be a major part of the course grade. Dr. Spector will teach best practices when making site visits by employing videos of a mock visit. Because evidence is the backbone of program approval decisions, the course will focus on the evidence-based quality indicators and warning signs of nursing education programs that nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs) use to approve nursing programs. Participants will learn how to collect and track data, particularly determining which core data elements to collect on annual reports. The course will end with a discussion of quality improvement strategies—and the question "where are we lacking evidence in nursing education?"

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the process of regulatory approval of nursing education programs.
  • Write a self-study of a nursing education program.
  • Collaboratively plan a site visit with the nursing program and the nursing regulatory body.
  • Analyze the evidence supporting the regulatory guidelines for approval of nursing programs.
  • Using data and the evidence, evaluate the quality of a nursing education program.

Competency Alignment

Relationships, Governance, Operational and Strategic Performance, Policy and Politics, Globalization, Research and Evidence

Course Information

Instructor(s): Nancy Spector, PhD, RN, FAAN
Course Dates: Coming Soon
Delivery Method: Blended
Cost: $50 | Free for Members
Pathway: Governance & Leadership
Program Credit: 1
CEs: 22.8