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Image for Experts in Humanity: The History of Nursing Regulation Experts in Humanity: The History of Nursing Regulation is a Course

Experts in Humanity: The History of Nursing Regulation

Ended Sep 15, 2023
1 credit

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Full course description

Alphonse de Lamartine famously said that “history teaches everything, even the future.” To better anticipate and navigate the challenges on the horizon, the History of Nursing Regulation will examine our past. We will explore nursing and nursing regulation in a primarily American context but with careful attention to relevant international developments, themes, and interconnections. What did the profession look like before mandatory licensure? Before permissive licensure? Why did the first permissive licensure legislation of the early twentieth century coincide with the women’s suffrage movement? We will answer these questions and more on our journey into the past…and back to the future.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Assess the state of the nursing profession and its challenges prior to and during the onset of several waves of modern regulatory measures throughout the twentieth century;
  • Evaluate the causal factors behind the implementation of nursing regulation in several key forms (e.g., permissive licensure, mandatory licensure, the NLC);
  • Interpret the most significant consequences, whether intended or unintended, of regulatory measures, organizations, and leaders.

By selecting key historical case studies for group analysis to determine effective decision-making strategies and tools for confronting present and future regulatory challenges.

Competency Alignment

Interpersonal, Strategic Thinking, Written Communications, Critical Thinking, Leveraging Diversity, Flexibility/Agility, Research and Evidence

Course Information

Instructor(s): Amy Lippert, PhD, MA
Course Dates: July 10 - September 1, 2023
Delivery Method: Blended
Cost: $50 | Free for Members
Pathway: Public Policy & Legislation
Program Credit: 1
CEs: 22