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Basic Law and Ethics for Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19: Basic Law and Ethics for Nurses During COVID-19 is a Course

COVID-19: Basic Law and Ethics for Nurses During COVID-19



Full course description

This course provides a basic overview of  federal and state law within the context of public health emergencies, such as the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, reviews emergency declarations and the implications for constitutional rights, examines matters relating to the obligations of licensed health care professionals, and addresses legal and ethical considerations regarding the implementation of crisis standards of care.

Class Learning Objectives

  1. Review the roles of each level of government in addressing public health emergency preparation and response.
  2. Consider the way laws are used in support of public health emergency preparations and response.
  3. Discuss the legal responsibilities of nurses in times of a public health emergency, such as a pandemic.
  4. Consider ethical challenges that arise during public health emergency response. 

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