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poster for Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care is a Course

Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care

Time limit: 21 days

$30 Enroll

Full course description

Improve your nursing documentation and improve your client care

Although accurate nursing documentation might seem less critical than other more client-centered tasks, it impacts everything from planning the best care to preventing a malpractice case. By increasing your nursing documentation skills, you demonstrate a high level of patient care and professionalism in nursing.

Documentation: A Critical Aspect of Client Care will help clarify your writing, challenge your critical thinking and objectively communicate key health care facts. By fine-tuning your nursing documentation skills, you’ll empower your nursing team with accurate information and help prevent mistakes throughout the health care process.

Communicate more effectively to other nursing team members

This course offers an interactive format that makes improving your nurse charting more intuitive. You’ll enjoy unlimited 24-hour access as you:

  • Explore links to knowledge, visual/graphical aides and key terms.
  • Complete interesting, interactive quizzes featuring multiple-choice and matching questions.
  • Work through a downloadable Assignment Book with short-answer and essay questions. (Note: completion of the Assignment Book may be necessary to meet your board of nursing's requirements.)
  • Pass the post-test with a score of 75% or above, and receive a certificate to celebrate your accomplishment.

Implement a higher level of accurate nurse charting

Make sure your nursing documentation reflects your commitment to professional standards, as you master these course objectives:

  • Recognize documentation as a critical aspect of client care
  • List the multiple purposes for medical record documentation
  • Identify characteristics of effective documentation methods
  • Describe the role of the nursing process in client care documentation
  • Recognize common documentation errors related to patient injury
  • Describe documentation errors associated with litigation
  • Identify challenges and advantages of electronic documentation
  • Identify documentation requirements noted in the Nurse Practice Act

Course Information

Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: $30 | Free for Members
CEs: 5.4