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Role of the Executive Officer is a Course

Role of the Executive Officer

Started Feb 2, 2022

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Full course description

This course will introduce the new executive officer of a nursing regulatory body to fundamental topics important to success. Executive officers were surveyed and asked to identify what they believe a new executive officer needs to know. This course will provide information regarding the origin and purpose of the nursing regulatory body, the role of other agencies in accomplishing the work of the nursing regulatory body, the origin and mission of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and the importance of work/life balance in supporting rest and reflection.

This course will require approximately 2 hours of your time each week, including the call time, though it may vary from week to week and depending on your work pace.

Course Details

Instructor(s): Laura Rhodes, RN, MSN
Course Dates: Coming Soon
Delivery Method: Blended
Cost: Free for Members