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poster for Nurse Manager Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder Nurse Manager Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder is a Course

Nurse Manager Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder

Time limit: 21 days


Full course description

When nursing substance abuse occurs, take the lead effectively and compassionately

Suggested Prerequisite: Understanding Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in Nursing

Overseeing a nurse who exhibits symptoms of nursing substance use disorder (SUD) is one of the most complex dilemmas a nurse manager can face. Prepare now to proactively take the lead in prevention, detection and intervention.

Nurse Manager Guidelines for Substance Use Disorder will teach you how to reduce and manage your team's workplace stress, while you create a stigma-free environment that encourages early reporting. As a nurse manager, you’ll learn to facilitate active communication and education that helps nurses talk about SUD.

When you suspect a nurse has SUD, you’ll learn how to detect medication diversion and what circumstances require reporting to your state’s board of nursing (BON). With specialized treatment, aftercare activities and careful monitoring, nurses in recovery can safely re-enter the workplace.

Master critical SUD concepts in a self-paced course

This course offers an interactive format that makes nursing concepts more intuitive. You’ll enjoy 24-hour online access as you:

  • Explore links to knowledge, visual/graphical aides and key terms.
  • Complete interactive quizzes featuring multiple-choice and matching questions.
  • Answer thought-provoking questions in the downloadable Assignment Book. (Note: Your board of nursing may require completion of the Assignment Book for CE credit.)
  • Pass the post-test with a score of 75% or above, and receive a certificate.

Help tackle one of the most serious problems facing the nursing profession

Gain specialized nursing and addiction skills based on the latest research, as you master these course objectives:

  • Describe strategies to manage workplace stressors
  • Explain the course of action taken when a nurse is suspected of diverting drugs
  • Explain the nurse manager’s involvement in an intervention
  • Explain the nurse manager’s responsibilities when a recovering nurse returns to work

Course Information

Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: Free
CEs: 3.0

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