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Patient Privacy

Time limit: 21 days

$30 Enroll

Full course description

Learn to protect patient medical information…and much more!

In your practice of nursing, you face sensitive situations on a regular basis. Knowing the small and large ways you can advocate for your nursing client’s privacy can help you create trust and gain a better outcome.

Patient Privacy will help you advocate for your nursing patients' privacy in a variety of situations. You’ll learn everything from the nuances of protecting patient confidentiality and personal space to integrating patient privacy rules (like HIPAA) into your day-to-day practice.

Protect your patient's right to privacy, both medical and personal

Patient confidentiality has been called a pillar of the ethical practice of medicine. Learn how to safeguard these human rights through interactive, e-learning techniques:

  • Explore links to knowledge, visual/graphical aids and key terms throughout the course.
  • Complete interactive exercises including multiple-choice and matching assessments.
  • Answer short-answer and essay questions in the downloadable Assignment Book. (Note: Completion of the Assignment Book may be necessary to meet board of nursing requirements.)
  • Pass the post-test with a score of 75% or above to receive your CE credits.

Practice ethically by preventing nursing privacy violation

Use your understanding of patient privacy laws to empower your clients as you master these course objectives:

  • Define privacy legally and morally, using legal and accreditation sources
  • Discuss privacy as it relates to the patient's personal information, record, person and property
  • Approach the patient in a manner that demonstrates regard for their privacy
  • Advocate for patient privacy with colleagues, families and other disciplines
  • Develop a corrective plan for situations where privacy rights have been violated

Course Information

Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: $30 | Free for Members
CEs: 5.4