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Parliamentary Procedure for Nursing Regulators is a Course

Parliamentary Procedure for Nursing Regulators

Started Feb 2, 2022


Full course description

This Founation Pathways course is for CE credit only. This course does not provide credit toward the completion of the ICRS certificate program.

ICRS Foundation Pathways are courses that will enhance and compliment courses in the ICRS certificate program.

H.S. Elliott once said that “Robert's 'Rules of Order' are the rules of a fight; they are intended to prevent unfair advantage and to give the minority a fighting chance.” Give yourself the advantage by taking this course with nationally known expert Dr. Leonard Young, a professional registered parliamentarian since 1983. Whether you are presiding over or attending a board meeting, you can apply your newfound understanding of rules, voting, and motions; how to amend, postpone, and reconsider a pending motion; demonstrate appropriate decorum; and correctly apply the rules of order. Dr. Young will also provide a background on the purpose of parliamentary procedure and rules.

Course Information

Instructor(s): Leonard Young, EdD, MS, PRP
Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: Free
CEs: 1.7

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